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released April 10, 2011



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wAx eDiSoN Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: meth head to the madness
i've been thinking of sweet dreams and memories (they haunt me). someday you'll let me be, "i miss you like a burnt out match misses a flame? i miss you like the summer misses the rain". well, i've grown stronger without you by my side. and i wonder, "when these feelings are going to die?".

there's a meth head to all madness. blustered tirades, saddled gas bags. bro' sought pillows to a knife fight. guns? shucks never ends at night time.
Track Name: pariah caring
always a victim of misunderstanding? always a victim of miss understatement? got a monkey on my back like you wouldn't believe. king kongathon (you know a wrongathon). let's get this fucker right! let's do it tonight! we're going to break these fucking chains! we're gonna fall and fall again. nightmare dream that i live, that I live. turnaround.
Track Name: LAND HO!
i woke up and i dry heaved myself out a bed? lord knows it feels good to be alive, but i'd be better off dead. i woke up and i cried myself back to bed? sometimes, i feel like i've got a gun at the back of my head and i'm the one whose pulling the trigger. - land ho. - i fell down and again i crawled out of the gutter? lord knows someday i'm gonna be better than this. - land ho. - i miss my girl and my health and my sanity and my sanity!
Track Name: My KNife in MY SiDE
the darkness inside is shining bright to night. far from feeling normal (i've felt this way before). like the comfort of a cold chill? dizzy cuz' I been rolling down and down this hill. cut out your eyes/stick needles in your ears. to blind? to fight? listen, can you hear these static scars and the nighthawks memories? "i've gone too far, these habits are scarin' me."
Track Name: SANDWICH
dear hell, i've got a story to tell 'bout a soul that escaped, but you keep "come in after me" again and again, my friend. you see i've learned a thing or two and my mistakes are dead with my past. dear heaven, why don't you stop haunting me? i've got to get through this without you. (though it's been a blast) you're so hard to find these days! farewell foulweather friend, fair well foulweather friend. any outsider got ahead? gonna get stuck in sand and the tide is rising. ooh wee! that sandwich under glass and the tide to be cresting. a glass friend put her hand into mine and the tide is ebbing.
Track Name: NostrAdamUs
i found out that i could read minds. i found out that i could move time. i found a friend that no one can see standing next to me. a broken mirror is a looking glass? i figured out how to erase my past. i found a friend that no one can be... standing next to me. i've been sitting in this chair for several lives. i can see the future and i can fly 5 hours 5 days 500 years. i'm not breathing? write 'now you're not even here'. peel back the layers-your story will be. forever as same! planted to breed today? it will scar today. you can still read the old tales. follow all trespassers. peel back the layers. their there, stories will be.